Frequently Asked Questions About Our General Construction Service

If you are in the market for a general construction service, then ST General Waterproofing LLC, a trusted company proud to serve clients throughout Bronx, NY and the surrounding areas, is the one to hire. Since you are reading our FAQ post, we are going to take the opportunity to share answers to questions we receive and why people decide to choose our services over the competition.

Q. What steps do I have to take to prepare for a construction project?

A. That would depend on the project itself. If our contractors are working on the interior of your home, the room that we are working in should be cleared as much as possible, and any important documents or valuables should be put away.

Q. What steps should I take for post-construction maintenance and care for the newly completed structure?

A. The post-construction care process includes dusting and cleaning all surfaces, vacuuming the floors, cleaning windows and other glass surfaces, disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and removing any trash, debris, and excess construction materials from your property.

Q. What steps do you take to maintain a clean and organized construction site?

A. All of our experts will make sure that when they leave a site, it will be safe from construction debris and materials. This will be done every day until the job has been completed.

Q. What factors should I consider when vetting a construction contractor?

A. You need to factor in their experience if they have done a project similar to yours before if they can provide referrals, and if they have a portfolio that they can show you.

Q. What measures do you take to ensure construction site safety during the project?

A. When our experts are on site, all of them wear PPE gear, also, we will make sure that the site itself has been taped off so people cannot enter it.

Q. What measures are in place to manage and dispose of construction waste responsibly, considering environmental impact?

A. We try to recycle as much waste material as possible, and the rest will be placed in containers to be hauled away to the proper waste disposal site.

Q. What types of construction services do you offer?

A. Our trusted construction services can provide you with the following, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, painting, sheetrock, plaster, tiling, drywall, plumbing, siding, brick pointing, concrete, hardscaping, molding, flooring, electrical, roofing, stucco, drive and sidewalk, paving, and vinyl fencing.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. We are open Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Q. What payment methods do you accept for construction projects?

A. You can pay for all our services using all major credit cards, Cash App, Checks, Debit Cards, Zelle.

Q. How long has your construction company been in business?

A. Our construction business opened in 2018.

If you feel more confident and would like to make an appointment with one of our general construction contractors to discuss the requirements of your project in detail, please feel free to contact ST General Waterproofing LLC. Call us today at this number (646) 516-6316 within our working hours. Rely on us if you are based in or around the Bronx, NY area.